Current Series: God

Coming to grips with three little letters

How many times a day do you hear the word GOD? 

The word is referenced everywhere.  

Everything is attributed to him, rightfully or not.  

Many people say they believe in and follow GOD,

but their lives look nothing like each others.  

Both sides of a war claim GOD is on their side,

and slaughter each other in GOD's name. 

And why are so many people intent

on following GOD so divided?

When you say the word "God" - what do YOU mean?  

And when you use the word, is the person hearing you understanding the same thing?

Because... seriously... for a group of people

who claim to know God,

we (2014 church attenders/Christians) seem to have no idea what we are talking about when we talk about GOD.

Sunday 10AM at Clover Hill Elementary

  5700 Woodlake Parkway (Directions)

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