Episode 503 – Stories In Ink – Small Change

Have you ever gotten motivated to start a new habit, or put down a bad one, come out of the gate hot with new actions and motivation, only to eventually sputter, get frustrated, and end up back at square one (or worse)? Wash. Rinse. Repeat. That frustrating cycle can seem even worse after a year locked inside our houses and heads staring at the mirror. Let’s try something else: The Jesus Way.

Who do you want to be? Most people who think they lack motivation, simply lack clarity on this very important question – WHO DO I WANT TO BE?

I wear ink of a cowboy silhouette on my arm as an inside joke/story with myself of who I want to be… down to the smallest detail. Figure out who you want to be, then each day take a step toward becoming that person. Just like Jesus taught.

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